The Top 5 Places to Play Indoor Football in Dubai... One Place Stands Out

When it comes to choosing where to play football, there are a few factors that you might want to consider. And since we’re talking about Dubai, where the summer heat is unbearable, we’ll focus on indoor and air-conditioned venues only. The factors to consider are the following:  Location: Most people are not willing to drive more than 20-30 min to play a game on a regular basis, so it is for you to decide what distance you’re willing to travel to get the right football experience. Pitch Size: Another factor would depend on the number of players and the type of games you prefer to play: 5-a-side/6-a-side/7-a-side, etc. Not only that, there’s also how spacious the pitch is relative to the number of players i.e: a 40m long by 30m wide is a 5-a-side pitch, and 36m long by 26m wide is also a slightly smaller 5-a-side pitch. Customer Experience: Here we are talking about the overall experience, which depends on a few things, including turf quality and condition, balls quality and conditio

Why Your Sports Facility is Stuck in The 20th Century!

And how you can transform it by giving players what they want the most.  Sports facilities compete on better turf, better lighting system, better equipment and even better balls, yet no one is offering players anything new, exciting or badly wanted . What does your sports facility offer its customers today that it couldn’t offer 30 years ago? Most probably nothing... Or maybe you could say well now we have online bookings! Congrats, that's great! Definitely a valuable feature, however more so to you and your employees than to your customers, it saves you time managing booking calls and it’s good for the business overall of course.  But what about the customer? In a world where the customer experience is more important than ever, and expectations surely going through the roof, are you innovating enough to keep up with the trend?  Players want to be filmed . Yes, they want to be able to watch their own games, whether they’re playing competitively or recreationally, there’s almost