Why Your Sports Facility is Stuck in The 20th Century!

And how you can transform it by giving players what they want the most. 

Sports facilities compete on better turf, better lighting system, better equipment and even better balls, yet no one is offering players anything new, exciting or badly wanted.

What does your sports facility offer its customers today that it couldn’t offer 30 years ago? Most probably nothing... Or maybe you could say well now we have online bookings! Congrats, that's great! Definitely a valuable feature, however more so to you and your employees than to your customers, it saves you time managing booking calls and it’s good for the business overall of course. 

But what about the customer? In a world where the customer experience is more important than ever, and expectations surely going through the roof, are you innovating enough to keep up with the trend? 

Players want to be filmed. Yes, they want to be able to watch their own games, whether they’re playing competitively or recreationally, there’s almost always a moment in the game someone wants to capture.

Let’s take a look at U-Pro, a sports facility in Dubai already leveraging technology to enhance the overall customer experience, giving players the ability to relive their best moments. At U-Pro, Looplay allows players to watch and save their favourite football highlights!

So now you might be thinking what is Looplay? How does it work? What does it require?

Looplay is a service that consists of a one time camera installation in sports courts and offers a mobile app for players, coaches and parents to watch their games, clip their highlights and share them on social media. Enabling sports facilities not only to give players what they want, but also to expose their brand by streaming games and tournaments to the world and create post-game engagement with their players, ultimately driving more bookings revenue. 

So for sports facilities looking to beat the competition in a digitized world, contact Looplay, all you need is an internet connection at your facility.


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